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CAST: Ethan Fox, Kyle Bradford

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 3/9/2019

FROM THE VAULT - A New Series of titles created from unreleased matches that were filmed in 1990's and early 2000's. Never before released matches featuring some of your absolute favorite fighters - when they were still in their PRIME.

Ethan Fox vs. Kyle Bradford

Seeing a young Kyle Bradford in this “lost” match is a blast from the past for long time Can-Am fans. It’s hard to think of another erotic wrestler from this time period who inspired more talk, attention, or salacious gossip...and it’s not hard to see why. Kyle had a sweet, almost innocent face and voice. On the surface it didn’t seem like such a sweet looking kid could do anything mean or nasty. But Kyle had that sick body and his trademark, yet-to-be-topped trash talk game that inspired the next generation of erotic wrestlers. Bigger dudes would come at him full force, utterly unprepared for the challenge of Kyle’s fighting, his aggressive verbal play, or his brand of sexual humiliation. Tall, handsome Ethan Fox appears to have been just another victim of Kyle’s unique talents.

These barefoot bruisers tumble to the floor within seconds, grinding packages. Kyle wastes no time slapping, gut punching, and talking trash, taunting Fox for being too skinny. Feet lock up, jaws are yanked and twisted...Kyle kicks Fox’s balls and butt with his expressive feet with a broad smile on his handsome face. Fox submits too soon, and Kyle refuses to release the hold until the tall opponent calls his “sir.”

It’s a sexy, sensual, aggressive rolling and punching fest, filled with all the trademark treasures of any classic Kyle Bradford brawl!

Total Runtime: 26 Min

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