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CAST: Cody Brooks, Danny Long, Dean Romero, Marco D'Salvo, Rich Blackstone, Rick Martin, Rocky James, Ron Masters


RELEASE DATE: 9/24/2009

Our ever-adventurous Vancouver studio manager Beau Bradley is at it again. This time he rounds up our hunkiest Vancouver models and takes over a public football field! If you ever played touch football with your college buddies and dreamed about what you`d really like to touch... or if you were the water boy for the home team and fantasized about all those "straight" boys trying to out-macho each other... or if you just watch at home and pretend you`re on the field (or somewhere else) with your favorite TV football stars... Football Fracas is for you!

Football Fracas features Vancouver favorites Ron Masters, Marco D`Salvo, Danny Long, and Rocky James. Plus, since you begged to see more of our recent newcomers, it also stars Rick Martin (Vancouver Beach Wrestling 2), Dean Romero, and Cody Brooks (Warehouse Wrestling Hunks). And as a bonus, you are introduced to Rich Blackstone - swinging free and easy in some of the sexiest sweatpants ever! The action starts innocently enough in a four against four face-off of touch football. But the footballing soon turns to fighting as the guys argue about their tactics and plays. In duos, trios, and groups, the pig skin is soon forgotten as more and more hunky, muscled skin is exposed by the rip-and-strip action.

These boys play hard and fight hard, right down to their jock straps and underwear. The free-for-all continues until each side pairs off for a final submission to determine the winner. There is no frontal nudity in this video (hey, it was shot in public!) but the action is top notch and loads of fun. Plus, with some of these outfits, they might as well have been naked!

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