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CAST: Tom flex, Guy Bolton


RELEASE DATE: 6/4/2007

As customers you've been involved with the rivalry between Boss Sexton's studio managers.... Vancouver's Mark Wolff, L.A.'s Brian Maxon, and Toronto's Tom Flex. Who's #1? Who's got the best body? Who's the most popular? Well, gentlemen... get a firm grip on your joy sticks because FLEXTASY is Tom Flex's latest video bid to be the "popular" choice for #1.

This video is so hot Flex fans will want to be buried with it; and Maxon/Wolff fans may want to reconsider their favorite. Yes, this is definitely a sexy, raw Bolton vs Flex wrestling match.... but it's also a muscle worship video that will keep your dick rigid watching Tom pumping, exercising, posing, flexing, dancing, boxing, seducing, stripping, oiling, sweating, and beating his meat...... all before the match begins! In the 1st fall, boytoy-next-door Guy Bolton (in pink bikinis) submits to Flex's (in lime green bikinis) horizontal body stretch choke hold.

Bikinis disappear early in fall two. Guy gropes and manhandles Flex's cock and balls until Flex reverses the ball breaking advantage and squeezes another submission out of boytoy Bolton. Then with dueling hardons they go at it again with an over confident Flex getting choked out cold, wrist restrained and chain spreadeagled center mat.... helpless.... and irresistible. Guy revives his muscle god captive then feels and gropes and rubs and humps Flex's arched and straining body. Woof! Woof! Woof!

Later the bare assed FLEXTASY boys slide into the oil pit for m-o-r-e sleazy hot crotch-to-crotch mat foreplay before climaxing this truly amazingly sexy duo-de-force with twin cannon cum shots. Trust this.... FLEXTASY should cost three times $34.00.

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