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CAST: Tom Flex, Peter Trenton, Tony Valor, Paul Perris


RELEASE DATE: 10/25/2004

Bodybeautiful watchers, this tape`s especially for you. During an intense solo jack-off, resident Can-Am superstar Flex fantasizes about taking on and destroying three of Toronto`s sexiest hardbodies in three brutal pro-action erota-wrestling muscle fights. (1) FLEX VS 200 pound musclehunk PETER TRENTON in a pre-match workout followed by hard fought pro ring action. (2) FLEX VS 21 year old muscle god TONY VALOR in his hot pink bikini posedown with Flex before losing the hard way. Pissed at losing, Tony beats flex with a folding chair. BIG mistake, but you`ll love what Flex does to his muscleboy victim. (3) FLEX VS everybody`s favorite bodybeautiful kickboxer PAUL PERRIS stripped naked and worked over mercilessly. Before, between, and following Flex`s 3-match victories, he bares his chiselled body, beats his meat in endless positions, then blasts his victory load right in your face. It doesn`t get better.

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