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CAST: Brody, Brodie, Jax


RELEASE DATE: 10/13/2008

(A Double Match Feature)MATCH 1 - Hunky, conservatively tattooed Brody Sinclair, wearing day-glow orange bikinis, looks like a college jock that never went to college. Very handsome but just rough enough around the edges to be totally hot. Depending on how many years back you go with Can-Am/Zeus videos, Brody Sinclair reminds us of Vic Hall AKA Toby Bolton in his Zeus audition for "Rubber Roughhouse." When a second guy named Brody shows up to wrestle Brody 1, both Brodies think the other should forfeit his name which generates immediate resentment and conflict. Perfect. Brody 2 might tip the scales slightly lighter than Brody 1, but he still packs his greenish-blue bikinis to their opti-max. Both Brodies are smooth. Both Brodies are sexy. Both Brodies enjoy hurting the other. Both Brodies win and lose agonizingly painful submission falls. So which Brody gets to keep his first name? This writer's favorite. But your expectations of hot pro boy stress, strain, action and pain will be met in full. MATCH 2 - OK. Let's oil up and get horny. Brody 2 is back to get slippery and sexy with a very hot stud muffin named Jax. Jax shows very well wearing a lime green bikini and chewable nipples. Of course, oiling up is half the fun. But the boys get serious quickly. The boys strut their bodies, showcase their moves, and exhibit their and mostly out of their bikinis which each ripped off the other with gusto. Brody 2 and smack-Jax cause each other excruciating pain and butt-licious humiliation. Who wins? You want dueling duo cum shots don't you? Then you win because both boys blow their wads at exactly the same time you do. You're in full control. Three ways (you, Brody & Jax) are always most successful when you all come together. FIGHTING BRODY is hot stuff. You'll love it.

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