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CAST: Alexi Karloff, Roland Dimitri


RELEASE DATE: 6/27/2008

On a recent visit to the U.S., Can-Am's European distributor's very sexy traveling companion Alexi Karloff expressed a fantasy to make a wrestling video. During dinner at a West Hollywood restaurant, Alexi met fellow European Roland Dimitri and asked him to join host Ron Sexton's table. Not surprisingly the conversation turned to wrestling. What is surprising is that both Euro-boyz shared wrestling fantasies.... and just happened to be dining with Can-Am's boss Ron Sexton.

Sexton saw the heat building up between Alexi and Roland, scheduled a match between them, and titled their video wrestling fantasy EROTICA before dessert was served. And now for you, gentlemen, dessert is definitely served.

German boy Alexi Karloff and Belgium boy Roland Dimitri share their first contact fantasies in one of the most sexually erotic videos Can-Am has offered. Wearing yellow bikinis German boy Alexi and Belgium boy Roland in pink bikinis waste little time establishing the overt sexual tone of this match. Both boys spend a lot of quality time with their faces forced into each others crotches. Clearly turned on to each other, constantly groped crotches bulge with hard-ons. Bikinis get yanked and "wedgied" up between tight asses, and Euro dirty talk inflames the action.

Alexi's yellow bikinis get yanked down to bind his ankles together, and Roland's pink bikinis bind Alexi's wrists behind him. Once Roland has Alexi "helpless," wrestling turns to passion and Roland feasts on Alexi's hot sweaty body. Eventually freed from his bikini bonds, Alexi and Roland then gorge themselves on each others' cocks, working themselves up to massive mutual cum shots in one of the most sexually overt matches released by Can-Am. Roughly translated... "EUROTICA" means Euro-boys in heat.

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