East Coast Wrestling 4 Pack DVD

East Coast Wrestling 4 Pack DVD

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Bradon Charron, Cameron Mathews, Chris Richards, Jim Silver, Paul hudson, Tommy Laine, Aryx Quinn, Ryan London, Shannen Embry,

DIRECTOR: Trevor Mathews

RELEASE DATE: 4/22/2011

Here`s a breath of fresh wrestling video action that delivers a whole lot of bang for your bucks. Popular with Can-Am and Cyberfights customers, pro and circuit wrestler Cameron Matthews asked Boss Sexton if he could take an "audition" shot at producing wrestling videos for Can-Am. Always on the lookout for fresh wrestling talent and exciting new pro action sources, Boss Sexton backed Cameron to produce the 4 video East Coast Wrestling Series.

EAST COAST ROPE BATTLE: 3 rope and wrestle matches.
(1) Aryx Quinn vs Paul Hudson.
(2) Aryx Quinn vs Cameron Matthews.
(3) Aryx Quinn`s beautiful bare ass in light bondage action.

EAST COAST MAT BATTLE: 4 separate matches.
(1) Jim Silver vs Paul Hudson manhandle each other in tight briefs.
(2) Jim Silver vs Tommy Laine fight from jeans and tanks, to briefs, to bare ass.
(3) Cameron Matthews vs sexy muscleman Braden Charron. Braden getsgut punched big time. Cameron gets squashed.
(4) Cameron Matthews vs Bradon Charron vs Chris Richards. Hot body Bradon suffers heavy 2 on 1 punishment, but ultimately triumphs over both his opponents.

EAST COAST PRO BATTLE: 6 matches fought and filmed in a pro wrestling ring.
(1) Shannon Embry vs Paul Hudson.
(2) Shannon Embry vs Cameron Matthews.
(3) Paul Hudson vs Ryan London (rope action).
(4) Shannon Embry vs Ryan London.
(5) Cameron Matthews vs Ryan London.
(6) Paul Hudson vs Cameron Matthews. Endless clean cut studs in young pro wrestling action.

(1) Cameron Matthews vs Tommy Laine.
(2) Tommy Laine vs Aryx Quinn. Wrestling from jeans and tanks, to briefs, to bare ass. Aryx jacks off and proudly displays his world class ass for your awe and inspiration.

Now here`s where the deal gets good.

Purchase your choice (up to 3) of the East Coast series videos for $39 each, or purchase all four of the series for $125.00. Of course buying all four of the East Coast series for $125.00 is the best no brainer bargin. You`ll be getting 17 separate matches, multiple fantasies, multiple wrestlers, endless action, and one of the best deals Boss Sexton has ever offered you. You`ll be getting enough underground wrestling action to keep your dicks hard for weeks. So do your dick a favor, get all four videos. It just doesn`t get better than this.

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