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CAST: Doug Brandon, Jimmy Dean


RELEASE DATE: 3/21/2007

What do you get when you re-match Can-Am bad boys together in a no-holds-barred brawl? You get DOUG BRANDON VS JIMMY DEAN in one of the best wrestled matches Boss Sexton has released lately. Both Brandon and Dean have been doing hard time at the gym... and it shows. Both have added muscle bulk, and both are looking better than ever. Brandon's trademark silver grey bikinis keep getting smaller and tighter. And if Jimmy Dean's peach bikinis were cut any lower they'd be a sling shot. In a very athletic first fall, Brandon wins with an airplane spin. But Brandon suffers and finally calls Dean "Sir", losing the 2nd fall by literally getting his balls crushed in a long, painful Jimmy Dean signature submission session. Evenly matched and equally aggressive, Brandon's weight advantages him enough to cost Jimmy the match with a sadistic succession of lights-out choke holds. With more punishment to dish out, Brandon carries Dean to the oil pit where wrestling gets slippery, sexier, and salacious. Ripped off bikinis become gags and choke rags. Cocks and balls get groped and mangled. Bubble butts get spread, slapped, and spanked. And Brandon finally defeats Dean with a prone inverted neckbreaker. Still sweaty, still breathing heavy, and still turned onto each other, Jimmy and Doug blast off twin gushers for each other guaranteeing BRANDON VS DEAN will become your dick's favorite hard-on.

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