Dante's Champions Live

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Justin Mycles, Derek Hardman, Jordan Austin,Tony Banderas, Dante

DIRECTOR: Matthew Moore

RELEASE DATE: 10/4/2008

Jet Set's resident bad boy, Dante, had been itching to direct a video, so Boss Sexton decided to have a little fun. Dante thinks he's directing a live wrestling web cast featuring four more of Jet Set's beef boutique. But in reality, Boss Sexton sets up the cameras to capture all the trouble Dante gets himself into trying to train and direct four novice, rebellious wrestlers while racing against the countdown to the "live" web cast. So not only do you get treated to the "live" matches, but all the behind the scenes rough and tumble action. In round one, bodybuilders Derek Hardman and Jordan Austin not only have to battle each other, but deal with Dante's unrelenting verbal abuse. Derek and Jordan quickly learn what it takes to keep fans happy with plenty of ball grabbing, nipple twisting submission inducing action. But Dante gets a surprise when Derek balks at his victory suck off by Jordan. What's a director to do? In round two, we get treated to the debut of Brett's younger brother, Justin Mycles, as he squares off against Latin firecracker Tony Banderas. Once again Dante has trouble on his hands trying to keep his wrestlers in check, and after two rounds Justin and Tony have had enough. They drag Dante in for some two-on-one action. But Dante's a college trained wrestler and eventually subdues both of them. With the mutiny squelched, Dante wants his cock serviced by Tony. But don't think the action ends with the triple cum shots - Justin's big brother has a little surprise for Dante! Maybe we should have gone live after all!

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