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CAST: Brent Banes ,Brett Barnes ,Cameron Matthews ,Davey Richards ,Fade ,J.D. Michaels ,Jd Michaels ,Jimmy Jacobs ,Kurt Sterling ,Marek Brave ,Matt Sydal ,Nelson Creed ,Robert Anthony ,Scotty Mac ,Tyler Black

DIRECTOR: Taylor Thomas

RELEASE DATE: 10/10/2006

Blasting its way into its second hundred videos, CYBERFIGHTS 101 delivers seven 100% pro action arena wrestling contests.

MATCH 1/ 3-WAY - TYLER BLACK / 6`11" / 202 lbs VS MAREK BRAVE / 6`0"/ 195 lbs. Similar in height, weight, and both sporting long black hair, you must depend on their trunks colors to tell them apart, VS CAMERON MATTHEWS / 5` 11" / 186 lbs in a 3-way winner take all actioner. It`s pretty much the two long hairs against the blond crew cut Matthews who gets in a few good licks, but suffers brutal 2-on-1 punishment ending up being Black`s and Brave`s squash boy.

MATCH 2 / TAG TEAM - Double nipple ringed JIMMY JACOBS / 5` 8"/ 175 lbs & ROBERT ANTHONY / 6`4" / 212 lbs VS Cyberfights veteran MAT SYDAL / 5`9" / 173 lbs & J.D. MICHAELS / 5` 10"/ 200 lbs. Very fast pro action sets an immediate intense physical pace. Jimmy on his partner Robert`s sholders, and Mat on his partner J.D.`s sholders slug it out high above the mat. Both teams work well together in equal give and take action, but ultimately it`s 5`6" Jimmy and his 6`4" partner Robert that take the match.

MATCH 3 / 3-WAY - DAVEY RICHARDS / 5` 8"/ 196 lbs VS MAREK BRAVE / 6` 0"/ 195 lbs VS KURT STERLING / 6` 1"/ 222 lbs. CF vet Sterling sports some impressive expanded tatoo work. Quickly getting things started, skilled bad boy Davey Richards orders long haired Marek to get a hair cut and they`re immediately at each others` throats. The action is fast and furious with each man wrestling on his own with long haired Merek being more of a contender than either Kurt or Davey gave him credit for. But the tough long hair finally gets his ass kicked.

MATCH 4 - Big man NELSON CREED / 6` !`/ 227 lbs VS SCOTTY MAC / 5`9"/ 191 pound Hollywood blond hot shot geared in his signature pink tank tights flaunts his Cyberfights Championship Belt while doing a strip tease out of his pinkness for the cameras. But Scotty`s skill matches his showmanship. This highly entertaining give and take actioner makes for an excellent Cyberfights match with a questionable outcome.

MATCH 5 - KURT STERLING / 6`1"/ 222 lbs VS CAMERON MATTHEWS / 5`11"/ 186 lbs is the battle of the clean cuts. The action is serious but gentlemanly between two pretty evenly matched wrestlers. But not surprisingly the more experienced Sterling emerges the victor.

MATCH 6 / 3 - WAY - TYLER BLACK / 6`1"/ 202 VS MAREK BRAVE / 6` 0" / 195 lbs VS CF vet BRETT BARNES / 5` 8" / 190 lbs. Dangerous Brett immediately attacks both his long haired opponents. But it doesn`t take long for double teamers Black and Brave to wear Barnes down for some painful prolonged duo demolition. In switched alliegences, it`s Barnes and Black that put Brave out of commission with a torturous double back breaker. Now it`s Barnes and Black against each other to the finish. Dynamite action.

MATCH 7 - TAG TEAM - J. D, MICHAELS / 5`10" / 200 lbs & Cyberfights veteran FADE / 6` 1" /220 lbs VS JIMMY JACOBS / 5`8" / 175 lbs & BRETT BARNES / 5`8" / 190 lbs. Chain collared and nipple ringed Jacobs` ring entrance is in a leopard fur coat. This is a rough tough highly watchable pro actioner between two competent and determined teams. But it`s ultimately Brett and Jimmy that get their arms raised in victory. Dynamite action and professional caliber wrestlers catapults Cyberfights` second hundred videos off to a scorching start.

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