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CAST: Jason Morgan, Dan Donovan, Alec Powers, Sean Everest, Alex Hunter, Daniel Eden,


RELEASE DATE: 4/7/2008

If you purchased THE WRESTLE CLUB from Can-Am brochure 22, you were among hundreds and hundreds of very happy customers that were introduced to a whole new breed of muscular, clean-cut, collegiate mat jocks. Available now from the same men responsible for THE WRESTLE CLUB comes the all new collegiate wrestling actioner titled COLLEGE WRESTLING. Delivering three gear-stripped bare assed matches featuring JASON MORGAN vs DAN DONOVAN, ALEC POWERS vs SEAN EVEREST, and HUNTER vs DANIEL EDEN....COLLEGE WRESTLING is fresh new over-18 collegiate beefcake just the way you like it.....hungry, hot, and hard-bodied! The all new Sidmoore Shepherd Entertainment jockmeisters pick up where Greenwood Cooper left off. Order up! Saisfaction guaranteed.

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