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CAST: Chasyn Rance, Rhett Titus

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 5/10/2016

From visionary director Cameron Matthews comes a story of bitter resentment, and unmitigated rage brought to the mats in a brutal battle for supremacy! You almost don`t see it coming, the fight that follows. These men are far too amiable. Too friendly. Too sincere. But, underneath the calmness there`s a hurricane.

Chasyn Rance is ready to rumble, and this time he has a score to settle. He has that look about him, the look of a man with a reason to fight. The dark-haired dude couldn`t be hotter if he tried, and he`s got a series of grievances and complaints against Rhett Titus about a mile long.

Wolf-like Rhett Titus is hard to look away from. In an imperfect world, Titus is physical perfection. From every angle, in any stance, pose, or posture, there`s not a single thing that needs improving. He`s a glossy, golden slab of muscular excellence, like a marble sculpture.

Titus enters the ring, expecting a fun match with his "buddy" Chasyn. But Rance remembers all too well a series of backstabbing and betrayal that lead to his losing a coveted belt to none other than Titus. After a lengthy build up, including an extensive oral history lesson from Rance, these two tear into each other with a struggling, heated rage that will make any boner pop instantly. The initial tie-up has both fighters stomping and struggling all around the ring, arms locked, faces close, each of them exuding a level of fury and stamina like nothing we`ve seen before. The obvious rage leads to Titus taking it out on Rance, bending him into impossible shapes, as they continue to argue and threaten each other. Titus is perfect from every angle, his glorious pecks casting deep shadows. Watch as their legs interweave. Titus is on his feet in seconds, blowing Rance`s balls with his face in a sudden attack that leaves the historian breathless.

Titus attempts to use the ropes to hold Rance off, but Rance uses the added leverage to his advantage, attacking Titus`s upper body with fists and There`s a scattered, scrambling essence to the way these men fight each other, a randomness that will remind any viewer of actual tussles and fights. This feels genuine, like the anger and competition have finally pushed these professionals too far. The action is rough and real, a fact made apparent by the sounds of their bodies slapping and slamming together. The footwork is natural, the holds and throws seem to surprise both combatants. At one point Rance finds himself on top of Titus, slapping his head in succession, yanking him into a painful camel clutch, wrenching from the chin. "I`m gonna break your back!" Rance warns. "Screw you, Chasyn!" Titus returns the favor, exacting his own punishing camel clutch on Rance, as both men sweat and curse and rage at each other, first with fists and entangled legs, later with ball abuse and rope torture.

"One...two...three! I`m the better man!" roars the victor. Find out who, in Cheap Shots & Low Blows 5!

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