Cheap Shots & Low Blows 1: Kharn Alexander Vs. Nick Justice


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CAST: Kharn Alexander, Nick Justice

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 11/1/2014

Welcome to an all new series of titles: Cheap Shots and Low Blows! We`ve assembled some of the hottest guys on the planet to fight it out for you in a collection of light-hearted, humorous, bantering battles that offer "fun" wrestlers. These jocular jocks know how to battle with their words and wits as well as their bangin` bodies. With all the tongue-in-cheek shade being thrown, you`ll feel like you`re spending a lazy weekend at some sexy-as-hell frat house, surrounded by argumentative, adorable dudebros....or maybe you`ll feel like you`ve been swept away to some East Williamsburg fightclub, where hot hipsters beat and batter one another into teeth-gritting submission. Directed by the incredible, multitalented Cameron Matthews, each risible scene features skillful wrestling, hot bodies, back-and-forth verbal battles, and an undercurrent of unexplored sexuality, as well as everything the series title promises. Namely, nasty cheap shots and painful low blows.

Cheap Shots and Low Blows 1 features Kharn Alexander, a tattooed, stylishly stubble-face stud...a total physical specimen. Only 27 years old, he represents complete perfection, with his glossy, tanned skin, his massive, fist-sized abdominal muscles, his powerful chest and arms, and his lean, impressive thighs. Not to mention the flawless tattoos, the adorable face, and the slick, product perfect hair. Decked out in bright yellow trunks and shiny black boots, he is ready for his yoga routine.

In comes Nick Justice, a sweet-faced, lightly bearded sidekick type in ruby red trunks. Justice is adorably average, big-butted baller with fists of steel and a sick wrestling style, even though he claims to have never wrestled before in his life (an obvious lie). Imagine Chris Pratt in a wrestling ring and you`ve pretty much got 26 year old Justice.

"What are you doing, dude?" asks Nick, as he approaches flawless Kharn doing his thing in the ring.

"Yoga," says Kharn. "It`s good for the body."

"Nah, yogurt`s got a lot of sugar."


"The little guy from Star Wars?"

So starts a wicked rivalry between two hilarious hunks.

It begins with cute Justice offering to help muscular Kharn with his moves, but Justice proves to be nothing but a wide-eyed rookie in the eyes of Kharn, who kicks the shit out of Justice`s balls in a surprise attack that leaves the boyish bro reeling. Back-and-forth the battle goes, until we`re treated to one incredible pro move after another. Guys go hurdling through the air, bouncing off ropes, and kicking dicks. Justice is especially into inflicting brutal ball abuse on his opponent, including his trademarked "Woody Woodpecker" move that you have to see to believe. What starts off as an immature argument blossoms into a battle for supremacy between two very different physiques.

One man is left shattered on the mat, covered in sweat, clutching his balls in pain. Will it be the flawless stud, or the adorable average guy? And at only 20 minutes in length, this is the perfect match to get your rocks off in a hurry!

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