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CAST: Bobby Rose, Dillon Reed, Chris Divito, Jimmy Dean, Aaron Aubrey, Joshua,


RELEASE DATE: 2/22/2010

BOUT #1: CHRIS DIVITO VS. JOSHUA: Chris Divito: 5`9" ,185#, 23 yo. Joshua: 5`8", 165#, 20 yo. The gear is kind of different for this Canadian matchup. Joshua appears in a blue singlet and white pro boots. Chris appears in blue boots and some very sexy skin-tight workout shorts that he has cut up in strategic areas. He has sliced some material from the lower part of the ass, so that the gear rises just above the lower part of his asscheeks . In the first fall the grapplers get down to thongs and later they get down to nothin` and yet everything. This whole match has been very entertaining give and take all the way. And now it is starting to have sexual overtones. And it just gets hotter and hotter. How Divito secures a second fall victory from Joshua is super sexy. The hold and the sensual way it is done leads to huge hard-ons on both wrestlers. The third and final fall may be one of the sexiest we`ve ever videotaped. Nudity, hard-ons, sensual grappler interaction, dangling and swinging dicks... and.... The ending is an unexpected shocker!!!

BOUT #2: JIMMY DEAN VS. DILLON REED: Jimmy Dean: 5`10", 160#, 19 yo. Dillon Reed: 5`11", 165#, 24 yo. It is a very long first fall and its full of very hot give and take, reversals, and unexpected maneuvers. Dillon takes a totally unexpected flying dropkick, stomach punch/ kick reversals, and a disappearing Dean when Dillon runs into a corner expecting him to be there. But Dillon stays with him. In the second fall Dillon rises to his anticipated potential when he starts dominating Dean throwing him around the ring, securing him in a variety of holds. Long into the second fall Jimmy Dean finally has enough, reverses, and traps Dillon in a on-the stomach hold near a ring corner. He spies Dillon`s pretty ass, takes a handful of trunks, and gives him a powerful wedgie. All of Dillon`s trunks disappear into his asscrack. A very sexy last fall - with good on the mat nude, cock-swingin` action, holds, maneuvers, reversals. Dean secures the final victory with his favorite match-ending hold: the figure four leg-lock.

BOUT #3: DILLON REED VS. BOBBY ROSE: Dillon Reed 5`11", 165#, 24 yo. Bobby Rose: 5`10", 180#, 19 yo For those who like those skin-tight singlets, once again, the wrestlers start out so clad. Bobby in pink, with black boots. Dillon in blue, with blue boots. Dillon also wears, into the ring, an outer leather jacket with USA and a flag on back. He is very hot to take a victory and have some "fun" with Bobby at the same time. But it is not to be in the first fall! Bobby comes up with a major surprise! At first Bobby is brutalized, continuously. But slowly and surely he turns things around. With absolute single-mindedness Bobby starts an attack on Dillon`s legs. Dillon resumes his brutalizing ways. And Bobby, although he does his best to fight back, seems to have expended most of his energy in the first fall. It`s pretty much Dillon all the way through the second. He reaches into his USA jacket and a pair of handcuffs materialize. He slaps them on a stomach-down Bobby and continues his punishment. There is no denying Bobby does have a cute butt and other things!

BOUT #4: AARON AUBREY VS. BOBBY ROSE: Aubrey: 5`7", 150#, 19 yo. Rose: 5`10". 160#, 19 yo. What could be better than a nude, hard-on matchup between two of our 19 year old favorites. Can Bobby Rose rise to the occasion and secure his first victory? Aaron continues to maul Bobby, serving up some tasty scissors, a surfboard, his standing clotheslines, but Bobby keeps coming back and in the end in a neat turn-around it`s Aaron that ends up in a standing full nelson saying "No", "No", but then saying "Yes", "Yes", as he is spun round and round in ring center. As Bobby lays on his stomach, agonizing after his second fall loss, Aaron takes his white wrestling boot and starts playing with Bobby`s crotch and ass. Aaron slowly massages the toe of his boot in Bobby`s asscrack, over Bobby`s ass. It is most definitely turning on Bobby as well as Aaron, so that by the time the third fall starts, both a sporting some pretty hefty hard-ons. And the third fall is pretty typical of the first two, but this time totally nude with hard dicks. When Aaron is stripped of his G-string, Bobby chokes him with it.

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