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CAST: Billy Boy Mitchell, Jaime Bronson, Jason Grey, David Mitchel, Sebastien Stone, Rocco Valentino, Armond Fatah, Shaun Greenwood,


RELEASE DATE: 10/25/2004

In yet another Can-Am erota-wrestling innovation, get set to slip and slide all over the oiled-down, jockstrap stripped matboys of "CANADIAN NUDE OIL JOCKSTRAP WRESTLING." MATCH #1 Billy Boy Mitchell vs Jamie Bronson. At 6'1" and weighing 185, Jamie Bronson has both a height and 25 pound weight advantage over Billy Boy Mitchell... and gets down to hot ass slapping, ball grabbing, and jockstrap snapping right after the start. Outmatched but getting off on it, Billy Boy soon gets his oil soaked jock stripped off, his ankles tied together with his jock, gets a very erotic whole body massage... dicks sliding and grinding together, and ends up out cold with Bronson asleep on top of him. MATCH #2 Jason Grey vs David Michel. David Michel's well deserved wrestling rep is for boybashing younger opponents. Who better than the 19 year old vacationing Englishmen Jason Grey... who rose to the occasion and stayed hard from the start. In full control, Michel's ball grabbing, ass slapping, jockstrap wedgies, fisted butt punching, face sitting and dick slapping finally makes young Jason shoot his load, followed closely by Michel's gusher all over Jason's chest. Hot duo cum shot action. MATCH #3 Sabastien Stone vs Rocco Valentino. With a stack of customer letter requests for "more of Sabastien Stone," grease yourself up to get it on with one of the hottest bodies and most perfect asses in video wrestling. And a very aggressive Rocco Valentino obviously enjoys working and displaying musclehunk Sabastien's entire body for your prurient pleasure. The up-close tanline shots of Sabastien's money-making ass alone will make your day. And after lots of punishment and a prolonged chest and six-pak-ab punching, Rocco puts the very hot muscleboy out with a sleeper. Can-Am note: Sabastien Stone can sleep with us anytime. MATCH #4 Armond (boytoy) Fatah vs Shaun Greenwood. After some very hot mutual face sitting, ball grabbing, pec punching, oiled down mayhem... Egyptian boytoy Armond Fatah submits to Australian Shaun Greenwood's shoulder and back-breaking surfboard. Fatah rallies by squeezing Shaun's big Aussie balls and forcing him to submit with a long suffering choke-hold double hammerlock. Finally out-manhandled into a pin, Fatah looses the match with Shaun's fat cock laying across "boytoy's" face. If you like strong young bodies oiled down, jockstrap stripped, hard-ons and cum shots, "CANADIAN NUDE OIL JOCKSTRAP WRESTLING" won't disappoint.

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