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CAST: Johnny Lightning, Beau Hopkins, Jimmy Dean, John St. James, Ed Harte, Steve Arnold, Paul Perris, Roman Stone, Vic Silver, Jeff Steel,


RELEASE DATE: 2/25/2009

Bout #1: Johnny Lightning vs. Beau Hopkins: Lightning: 5`10", 190#, blond, blue, 21.,Hopkins: 5`11", 205#, brown, brown, 21. John comes into the ring wearing black boots and yellow trunks. Beau looks delightfully vulnerable in white boots and very form fitting, crotch and ass revealing flesh-colored trunks. You`ll continuously see his large tool`s straining potential as Beau is bashed about. One hold after another. Body slams, clotheslines, corner work-overs, a delicious ring rope tie-up. Then the coup-de gras, the Johnny Lightning "sleeper" special. To see Beau on his stomach, or on his back, helpless in a variety of holds, while his trunks rise or fall into crevices, mold and hug a variety of mounds - yummmm! What a stunning sight! And the best is yet to cum!!!

Bout #2: Jimmy Dean vs. John st. James: Dean: 5`10", 160#, blond, green, 19. St. James: 5`7", 145#, blond, blue, 24. Both wear form fitting yellow trunks, both are barefoot. It doesn`t take the aggressive Jimmy Dean long to take command and commence beating up on St. James. He`s corner bashed, knee lifted, ring rope choked, clothes-lined, and thrown around the ring like a wrestling toy. When Jimmy goes down to the mat and secures a hold, John makes his comeback. You can definitely tell that Jimmy Dean is on his way to becoming an accomplished villain. And there is a lot more as the two go back and forth, subjecting each other to as big a pounding as they can dish out. You will be kept in suspense as to the winner right up to the last moment. This is a dandy match.

Bout #3: Ed Harte vs. Steve Arnold: Harte: 5`9", 220#, blond, blue, 28. Arnold: 5`8", 200#, brown, brown, 21. We put on display, just for you, over 430# of prime muscular Canadian Musclehunk beef in ring center. Ed comes into the ring wearing form fitting white trunks and blue wrestling boots. He`s massively muscular- every where. Steve is attired in black wrestling boots and very skimpy blue trunks. Steve isn`t as cut-up muscular as Harte, but there is no disputing those ultra -muscular thighs. His huge rounded muscularity somehow comes across as spectacularly sexy. Arnold wastes no time in establishing himself as the villain as he does his best to waste Ed Harte as early as possible. As the bout proceeds those skimpy trunks repeatedly want to crawl up into Steve`s ass crack and he repeatedly tries to keep them out.

Bout #4: Paul Perris vs. Roman Stone: Perris: 5`10", 170#, blond, blue, 20. Stone: 6`, 190#, brown, green, 23. Paul is super handsome, has a superbly muscular body with as shapely an ass as we`ve ever seen period. In this very different matchup we are pleased to introduce a gorgeous new wrestler. His face is as handsome, his body is every bit as defined and muscular, and he`s a martial arts and kick boxing expert just like Perris. This bout has all the makings of not only a visual feast, but a varied and highly entertaining cornucopia of combat delights. Paul`s muscularity is on high sensual display in a red thong and black wrestling boots when the video bout starts as he warms up in his ring corner. He`s very impressive. The camera shifts to Roman. He`s giving us a good example of his kick boxing technique, in very sexy skimpy blue trunks and blue wrestling boots. His muscular definition as he moves about is visually striking. We told the two to stick to wrestling, but they don`t.

bout #5: Vic Silver vs. Jeff Steel: Silver: 5`7", 185#, black, brown, 33. Steel: 5`10", 203#, blond, blue, 22. Jeff Steel, makes his pro wrestling debut in the squared circle against a visitor from southern California whose mission is to destroy all the Canadian wrestlers he can that his short stay allows. Jeff Steel, wearing very brief pink trunks and white boots, has had actual pro wrestling experience in Canada. It shows! The wrestling by these two very experienced ring pros is slow and deliberate. Both grapplers know the holds, the moves, the nuances, command with underhanded tactics from the start.

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