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CAST: Beau Hopkins, Jeff Steel, Mr. Magic, Jason Xtreme, Duff Robertson, James Blond, Krystyan, Wyld Child,


RELEASE DATE: 4/26/2010

THE STRIP LINEUP: James Blond - Mr. Nude Ontario, Playgirl Centerfold Mr. Magic - Playgirl 5 times, Playboy and Penthouse Love Videos Krystyan - Playgirl Magazine Jeff Steel - Playgirl Magazine Justin Xtreme - Mr. Leather Toronto Jason Xtreme - Mr. Exotic Entertainer, Mr. Nude Western Ontario Dull Robertson - Mr. Big, Mr. Nude Canada Beau Hopkins - Mr. Nude Toronto, Dream Magazine Model, Playgirl Centerfold Wyld Child - Mr. Big, Exotic Newcomer, Playgirl Centerfold.

James Blond - lifeguard with different costuming and music from his appearance in Canadian Muscle Dancers #1.

Mr. Magic - our chauffeur in tight black pants, black suspenders, white tank top.

Krystyan - our man in the tight white military uniform.

Jeff Steel - Conan the Barbarian costuming with the head of a wolf. Very hot! Jeff also appears in Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 4, 5, 7 and Canadian Musclehunk Oil Wrestling 2.

Jason Xtreme - a beachboy. He`s in a sleeveless tee and mini-levi cutoffs. Jason has the cutest little butt. Oiling scene, too. Justin Xtreme - leather jacket, tight American flag design shirt and jeans.

Duff Robertson - the first thing you see when the video opens is Duff`s beautiful ass encased in open black leather chaps. He`s also wearing a black leather USA flag jacket. He dances as you focus on his beautiful butt. Sexy!

Beau Hopkins - his performance in his jeans and leather jacket is even sexier, if that`s possible, than it was in Canadian Muscle Dancers #1. You just can`t seem to get enough of this Musclehunk star.

Wyld Child - ultra-tight jean cutoffs. Then nude with just a towel to hide his enormous endowment and then that isn`t always totally successful. You can see things from the rear. Wyld Child seems to have an obsession with his beautiful ass. He knows what he`s got. He knows how to shake it. He knows how to shake you up! THE ULTIMATE TEASE!

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