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CAST: Troy Punk, Luke, Jean Francois Laroche, Anthony


RELEASE DATE: 10/9/2006

Can-Am`s Canadian-based agent provocateur, Andre Tardif, is always on the prowl through the streets of Montreal to find Boss Sexton the hottest new wrestling talent. But before they enter the pantheon of Can- Am champs, they get a try-out match in front of the cameras. These newbies are always eager to show us how well they`ll perform. But Andre adds his special twist by also requiring a full sex scene. After all, we want to be sure they can take it down, and then keep it up! First up are Troy Punk and Luke. Troy is a hairy chested, hot muscled, bad-ass who is used to calling the shots. Luke is the young buck who just might enjoy being dominated. The two start out by oiling each up, really working that oil in to those muscles. Stripped down to speedos, Luke`s either packing a tree trunk, or he`s just permanently excited. Either way, he totally fills out that white speedo. Troy lives up to his Punk name in round one, providing lots of verbal jabs to go along with his roughhouse moves. But the more he pours it on, the more Luke`s squirms seem erotic. The first round ends with Luke wrapped up by Troy`s powerful legs, his cock and balls painfully pulse squeezed into submission. Luke steps it up in round two, and delivers a few low blows of his own. With them both now stripped naked, we`re surprised Troy can concentrate with Luke`s huge cock swinging back and forth. A leg scissor head lock brings Luke to the ultimate submission after round three. He gives Troy a lot of deep throat attention, before burying his tongue deep in that hairy butt. Pressed up against the wall for a pounding ass assault, Luke is all smiles. Then he sits on Troy`s dick before going in for the cum facial. Hot! Next up are Jean-Francois Laroche and Anthony. You won`t always understand these two French-Canadians, but they speak the universal language of sweat and submission. After a sensual oil rub up, the two take to the mat. In the first round they are scoping out each other`s strengths and weaknesses. The action is fast, and both learn the bring-them-to-their-knees power of the ball twist. In fact, that`s how Jean-Francois seals his first round one. But maybe he should have remembered how sensitive his own nuts are, because Anthony is hell bent on ball revenge. Anthony also takes any opportunity to maneuver into holds where he can cram his thick cock against Jean- Francois`s ass. But he better get used to it, since Anthony takes the final round. Jean-Francois wastes little time before engulfing Anthony`s meat, who eventually returns the favor in a hot 69. But Jean-Francois really wants a thick cock up his ass, and he rides Anthony until both blast it off. 1 hour, 45 minutes of mat pounding, ass pounding action!

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