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CAST: Alex Romanoff, David Axtell, Phil Ulrich, Johann Ulrich,


RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2009

CALIFORNIA RAW serves up four bare-assed mat studs in a uniquely hot mix of down and dirty erota-wrestling action. Bodybeautiful Russian immigrant Alex Romanoff proudly wears very brief American flag trunks; bodybeautiful David Axtell shows off his world class ass in a black T-back; and battling badboy brothers Phil (in white bikini) and Johann (in black / green bikini) Ulrich square off separately against the buff boys in alternate falls that comprise two full 3-fall matches. Muscle hunks Romanoff and Axtell suffer heroically against the Ulrich brothers in their one-on-one matches ultimately winning in tough, sweaty, street-style wrestling. NOTE: These two matches are edited into six alternating duo falls. Following is a wild tag team match teaming one muscleboy and Ulrich brother against the other muscleboy and Ulrich brother.

Now watch the bodybeautiful bashing action as Romanoff and Axtell (on opposite teams) test each others` strength and tempers setting up the inevitable final grudge match of this tape... Romanoff vs Axtell in their own one-on-one match. Which bodybeautiful / badboy team wins the tagteam match? We won`t tell, but watch it in slo-mo. The Romanoff vs Axtell grudge match gives body watchers a feast for the eyes as the two muscleboys strip each other butt naked and work up full sweats competing for best body victory working each other over for your purist erota-wrestling pleasure. This uniquely presented mat orgy delivers 90 minutes of non-stop, bare-assed action very specially priced for CAN-AM customers at $39.00. You won`t be disappointed.

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