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CAST: Robert Black, Brent Banes, Eric Evans, Beau Bradley, Tim Brough,


RELEASE DATE: 9/5/2001

Brutal Kombat is an hour long fantasy trip that delivers four body-beautiful studs in ritualistic fight, bondage and muscle worship scenes. In the blood red chambers of the rubber encased leader Brutux Khan, his two favored warriors have captured two new "recruits" for initiation into his clan. The warriors - played by Eric Evans and Beau Bradley - drag them in chains for presentation to Khan. First, the recruits - played by Robert Black and Brent Banes - must fight each other. Evenly matched the two use a series of submission holds while egged on by their captors. Soon, they are tied wrist to wrist with a long rope and each tries to bind the other to win. Then ordered to suck each other cock`s, the two gladly submit, not realizing their final act of submission will be a hard fucking by Evans. Each recruit presents their firm butt to the dominant Evans and takes a long pounding. Evans, Black and Banes each finish with a cum shot for their leader. Pleased with their performance, Khan orders them into the oil pit, where the four warriors practice a muscle worship initiation rite. One by one, each fighter-stud is suspended in the middle of the ring while the other three worship his muscular naked body. The sensual rites end as each masturbates to orgasm - again for the pleasure of the ever-watchful Khan, who rewards the recruits with full acceptance into his warrior clan. For something a little different, order this seven cum shot, ever hard cock and body actioner!

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