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CAST: Jimmy Dean, Chris Cummberland, B-Rock, Kyle Waters


RELEASE DATE: 10/6/2003

Jimmy Dean has brought a special brand of attitude to Can-Am for years. So when he asked for a chance to direct, Boss Sexton wanted something to match his extreme personality. Lucky us, we got Boarder Thugz. Enlisting three of his snowboarding buddies to make their Can-Am jack off debuts, the gang headed up to the magnificent slopes of Whistler, British Columbia. First, we get to meet Kyle Waters and B-Rock up close and personal. Real personal. Kyle can suck his own dick and Jimmy`s camera is fascinated. (So were we!) And B-Rock is nothing short of captivating as he shows us his workout and his jacuzzi jack-off. Along the way, Jimmy can`t resist getting in front of the camera and jerks off right on the slopes and in the gondola! Once the boys are pumped, it`s time to hit the slopes. Boarder Thugz features some of the most thrilling camera work we have ever had, including our boys in acrobatic action! But since boys will be boys, and these four have enough testosterone for a small army, there was bound to be some trouble. The four start a brawl on the slopes that ends up in a tag team in the ring. Starting in their snowboard gear, the boys are soon down to wife beaters and shorts. Jimmy and Kyle team against Chris and B-Rock. Jimmy has got the skills and he and Kyle have a unified front, while Chris and B-Rock might as well be fighting each other. Jimmy easily takes round one, and they all strip down to speedos for round two. Chris continues to screw things up for his team, but B-Rock manages to take down Kyle to end round two. Victory should be sweet, but yet another Chris mistake costs them the entire match. B-Rock has had enough, and joins Jimmy and Kyle in an all out Chris pummeling, ending with a sleeper. Jimmy, Kyle, and B-Rock hit the showers, while Chris soothes his wounds in the hot tub with a jerk off. Considering the five jack-offs, a little self suck for spice, and the influence of Jimmy Dean, Boarder Thugz is definitely loaded with spunk!

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