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CAST: Tony Acosta, Niko Reeves, Trayve Cannon, Lorenzo Vargas


RELEASE DATE: 9/14/2004

Can-Am`s House of Detention turned the S&M video world on end. And much of its success revolves around the amazing masculinity and dominance of its star, Van Darkholme. You`d make a fortune if you could find a way to bottle and sell Van`s mojo. And while that day is long off, Boss Sexton convinced Van to take his special brand of bondage sex energy and focus it on four of Can-Am`s wrestlers. In his Can-Am directing debut, he delivers two matches with the kind of intricate rope bondage work only a true master can deliver. And while two of these four may dominate their challenger, they are never fully in control. All four of them are left swinging from the rafters between bouts like sides of man meat ready to be devoured. In the first match, tight bodied muscle boys Niko Reeves and Trayce Cannon do their master`s bidding. Bound, gagged, and blindfolded the two must wrestle for their limited freedom. Cannon has learned a lot since his Can-Am debut, but Reeves has some martial arts training on his side. Reeves takes the match and fucks Cannon for his master`s pleasure. Next, things get a lot spicier as muscle pumped Latino beefcakes, Lorenzo Vargas and Tony Acosta, go at it. But first, the master suspends Vargas in the rack, and then ties the two together to contemplate their fate. Finally wrestling free of their binds, Vargas unleashes his wrestling prowess on the hard charging Acosta. These two wrestle like junkyard dogs, and the sexual heat pours off the screen. Vargas takes the match, but when Acosta takes to the sling, he sure looks like a winner! Vargas long dicks him, and Acosta cheers him on as they work up their loads. But there`s no rest for the wicked as the master strings them up again to await their next tasks. Are you ready to serve?

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