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CAST: Beau Bradley, Cobra (non-sexual), Tom Spence, Marco D' Salvo, Andy Sutton


RELEASE DATE: 7/23/2008

Recently Can-Am boss Ron Sexton challenged his Vancouver studio to give you something totally original. Not an easy task when you consider the wide spectrum of erota-wrestling fantasies and scenarios Can-Am has produced over the years. But Can-Am Vancouver delivered the totally original BODYSTROKES VANCOUVER... an integrated plot multiple wrestling fantasy with five good looking wrestler/athletes, stuffed in and ripped out of a variety of gear, wrestling and fighting indoors and in outdoor public places, in locations around Vancouver. Buy this video if one or more of the following stud wrestlers and/or his wrestling fantasy pushes your buttons. Tight, lean, and limber Andy Sutton. Short haired, body beautiful surfer boy Beau Bradley. Hunky, muscular, football player built "Cobra." Compact, hairy chested Tom Spence. And exotic bodybuilder hunk Marco D`Salvo. Andy and Beau fight it out in the sand on a public beach stripping each other out of wetsuits down to a T-back and white briefs. Andy and "Cobra" trade insults in a gymnasium and pro-wrestle in Cobra-red trunks, and the-full-Andy yellow pouch briefs. Rollerblader Andy and jogger Marco slam into each other on the sidewalk of a heavily trafficked street. They fight publicly, then drag each other through the bushes and wrestle in wet grass stripping down out of running suits. Painter Andy and carpenter Tom argue on a job site and slug it out around indoor construction rip-stripping each other down to briefs. There`s an e-mail wrestling fantasy jack-off. There`s a bodybuilder in bed jack-off. There`s a sudsy, sexy shower scene. Street fighting. Beach wrestling. Gym pro action. Job site rip-stripping and cum shots. BODYSTROKES VANCOUVER delivers more diversified wrestling action in multiple locations than any Can-Am release so far. Looks like BODYSTROKES VANCOUVER successfully passes boss Sexton`s challenge on to Can-Am`s Los Angeles and Toronto studios. In the meantime... get the rest of your buttons pushed with BODYSTROKES VANCOUVER. 105 minutes.

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