Body Chopped and Sleepered 4 DVD


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CAST: Danny Duggan, Jimmy Stanton

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 10/3/2018

Jimmy Stanton and Danny Duggan are big, beefy, hard-bodied bruisers built to brawl and exchange blows. Golden-haired bros in kneepads and boots, they fight like real-life brothers, full of expertly delivered trash talk and punishing moves. Stanton mocks Duggan’s 80’s inspired shorts, and the fight is on!

Arms are twisted behind backs, He-Man bodies slap together, legs and arms entangle, and grown men roar like lions. You’ll feel the ring tremble with every step these grapplers take, until they’re rolling like thunder and clashing like titans. Expert camera work zooms out to show the scope of the battle, then moves in to make you feel like you’re locked up with them, a part of the action as the sweat pours!

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