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CAST: Jimmy Jacobs, Jimmy Stanton

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 9/21/2016

It’s a loudmouth, bickering, bitching and moaning battle of the Jimmys. Jimmy Jacobs is known for that never-ending mouth as much for his extravagant fuschia hair. Jimmy Stanton sports a streak of blond in his own fabulous tresses, as the two Jimmys come crashing together in a bodybuilder battle motivated by a convoluted, incomprehensible narrative concerning voyeurism and group sex, the tooth fairy, sleep deprivation, and karate training. Still, there’s something hot about two dudes bickering like bitches who suddenly take it to the ring in a straining, muscle stretching, rolling around and trash-talking type of fight.

It all amounts to one thing...a fuckton of chops! Each strike renders the fighter breathless and bitter. A bow and arrow hold has Stanton tumbling backwards into the ropes, where he must punch, plow, and chop his way free from Jacobs’ special form of torture. The sound of flesh-on-flesh alone could bring about the most throbbing viewer hardons, but the sight of these colorful competitors colliding in thunderous, sweaty combative synchronicity could make anybody blow their load.

All that fancy hair makes for a useful form of leverage, as Stanton slams Jacobs into a perfectly executed sleeper hold. Suddenly Jacobs is on Stanton’s back, forcing him to the floor like a bitch and turning that brutal sleeper around on his opponent until both men are struggling, rolling, hair pulling, and body chopping like brutes.

Heads are threaded through the ring ropes, faces turn blue, heads are crushed between sweaty thighs, as one man destroys the other in one of the most brutal final holds we’ve ever shot. One can’t help imagining the experience of being trapped between those crushing thighs. Director Cameron Matthews brings his unique brand of perfection to yet another thrilling Cyberfights battle.

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