Body Chopped And Sleepered 1


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CAST: Matt Maverick, Nick Justice

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 9/8/2015

Visionary Cameron Matthews directs the match you didn`t realize you`ve always wanted. Matt Maverick, a body beautiful in the vein of classic muscleman Steve Reeves is a bearded bruiser with Herculean baring. Much has been written about his astonishing back, arms, thighs, and pecs. Geared up in inky black boots, knee pads, and trunks with just a hint of forest green lining, this complete and total package slashes roughly at the ropes of the ring, uttering exhalations of titillating roughness as the muscles in his back ripple with each impressive chop.

The only trouble is, the imposing Maverick looks a bit silly, which cocky Nick Justice points out as he enters the ring attired in glistening white boots and purple spandex, flawless ass practically begging to be set free from the purple prison.

"What are you doing?" asks Justice.

"Working on my chop," Maverick shrugs.

"You call that a chop?"

So begins the first of our new and exciting Chopped and Sleepered series!

It comes as no surprise when Justice offers to give the bigger man a few pointers on delivering the perfect chop. Naturally, Justice`s first chop demonstration misses the ropes and instead makes contact with Maverick, in a stereophonic strike that knocks the giant to the floor in shock and pain.

"Yeah, sometimes my aim`s off," Justice admits in a mock apology. We all know where this is going. We`ve been here before. And it`s going to be good...

Wrong person to mess with, Justice! The impossibly cut Maverick attacks the more natural man, leaning into his vulnerable physique with a thunderstorm of chops that only seem to make Justice angrier. Soon the brutes are trading chops like maniacs.

"It`s ringing..." mutters a recently fallen Maverick, as he cradles his damaged ear in one hand, the result of a particularly hard chop from Justice. The sight of this massive, hard-bodied man of steel struggling to get to his feet after a direct chop is a thing of unparallelled hotness.

"Better answer it," Justice mocks, quickly falling atop the supremely shaped stud with even more punishment...two masses of man meat colliding in a battle to end them all. Remember, it`s not just about the chops. Sleepers are a key player in this fight too. Tables turn when gorgeous Maverick locks those glossy, well-defined arms around Justice`s neck and squeezes as hard as he can. Justice, undeterred, beats and brutalizes Maverick`s abs, taking ample handfuls of the herculean hunk`s dark hair and using it to toss him from one corner to another.

At one point, Justice becomes so power hungry and rough that he actually stands on top of Maverick`s abs. Bitch moves break out as Justice yanks on Maverick`s hair like a kid in his first fight, while also wrapping legs around Maverick`s impossibly perfect body and attacking his face.

It`s not long before both men are gasping and begging, while continuing to twist one another into the most uncomfortable positions imaginable, all set to the endless chops that are applied to any and every part of the body.

Of course the action ends with a solid, sturdy, aggressively sexy sleeper that renders one man unconscious...down for the count. But which man will it be? See bigger guys in ass-hugging speedos circling each other like sex-starved fiends too much in the throws of combat to do anythign but hammer away at each other in this thrilling new series...Chopped and Sleepered!

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