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CAST: Blake Onassis, Mark Wolff,


RELEASE DATE: 2/13/2006

Early in his career Mark Wolff went by the name Blake Onassis. ,,At one time in all our lives, we've experienced a slow stomach roll or a heart rush at the sight of a man who's singular beauty (to us) was overwhelming. The sight impact of such a man usually ruins the remainder of our evening, and keeps us awake thinking about him alone in bed. Your letters and video purchases of Blake Onassis matches in Can-Am's brochure #7 have made it salaciously clear to us he affects many of you in this manner. And if you think you've seen a Colt model named Mark Wolf that looks a lot like Blake Onassis... you're right, he's the same man. And Can-Am's brochure #7 coverman Blake Onassis is also the recent Advocate Men coverman Mark Wolf. Because of your near unanimous chorus for "More of Blake Onassis!", we flew Blake to our Los Angeles studios from his home in Vancouver to shoot "BLAKE ONASSIS: EXPOSED." "...EXPOSED" is a body-worship fantasy starring Blake Onassis solo in a variety of moods... muscle-oiled and beach-flexing in Malibu; stripped-naked and flex-straining in body display bondage in the Zeus dungeon; slow strip dancing with you on his mind; and finally getting it up, hard, and soapy in his shower scene session. In person Blake Onassis is a genuinely nice man, but he's fully aware of the effect his muscular sexuality and movie-star good looks has on people. When he makes eye contact with you and strokes every rock hard muscle of his body, he leaves no doubt in your mind who he's eye-fucking with. "BLAKE ONASSIS: EXPOSED" is the Can-Am video you slip into your VCR when you deserve some quality one-on-one action with one of the most beautiful men on the planet. You owe it to yourself, and Blake delivers.

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