Bearhugged And Back Breakers 1


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CAST: Brian Cage, Chasyn Rance

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 11/18/2015

The ground practically shakes when flawless musclehunk Brian Cage walks in. If you've never explored his body of work...and we do mean BODY of should check it out. We're talking total wow factor, hard from head to toe, with impossible biceps, back muscles, shoulder, lats, and quads all contained in a hulkingly tall frame. If this superhuman slab of genuine giant sleeps at all, he sleeps at the gym. The bulge of those impossible trapezius muscles...the glow of that abdominal core that looks like it could crush solid rock. The idea of being caught up in those killer thighs, literally rippling with solid muscle, is either the stuff of nightmares or a dream come true. Attired in glossy black trunks, he is nothing but intimidating at first. Then Rance speaks and you remember that he's got the cool cordiality of a gentleman hidden beneath that brawny exterior.

Chasyn Rance is nothing to scoff at either. Always a complete and total turn-on to watch in action, this dark-haired hunk offers us some fine ass assets, starting with that fine ass ASS, attired in red trunks. Sculptural, almost statuesque abdominals and hard, muscular, but not at all over-sized pectorals, all in that perfect olive skin. However, in all fairness, standing face-to-face with the giant Cage, and Rance looks...small, to say the least.

Bringing these two guys together may seem odd at first glance, but listen to the way they interact. It's like two bros at the frat-house shooting the shit until the next thing you know, they're rolling on the floor in a brotherly showing of competitive love. They one-up each other, but support each other in a harmonious battle of bodies and wills. This match-up offers so much more than just a straight fight. The match contains no overt sexuality, yet ever single frame is filled to the brim with the pure sexual fantasy of competition between men, and with men such as these, hammering away at each others flawless bodies...

We start with a "squat off", where each man supports the weight of the other on his shoulders in a backbreaking exercise. Cage, naturally, busts out his reps with ease, those powerhouse thighs barely bulging under the compressed weight of hot Rance. One has to admire Rance's determination when the massive man becomes the weight to bare. Rance can barely complete five reps without shaking and collapsing in a heap. The fact that he didn't shatter under the weight of big Cage is impressive under the circumstances.

The back-and-forth, roshambo, rock-paper-scissors nature of the scene is soon pushed away when these brutes lock up at last. Rance practically has to crane his neck to look up at Cage, but that's doesn't seem to deter him. Even when he's being slammed into the floor...even when he's being actively mocked...even when he's forced into the camel clutch from hell, one that makes his competition grin like a Cheshire cat as all who watch feel the shooting pain in their back that Rance must be experiencing.

But Rance isn't through being tortured yet. There's a series of brutal Texas cloverleaf holds with his name on them. And just wait for a reverse Boston crab like nothing you've ever seen that evolves into a punishing carry that sees Rance being plowed headfirst repeatedly into a corner.

Just when you think he can't survive anymore, it's time to bust out the bearhugs....

Will this change of pace give the smaller man the advantage he needs? Can he even wrap his arms around Cage's ginormous frame? Or will Cage toss Rance around like a little rag-doll bitch?

The backbreaking moves never end. The bearhugs look like they could squeeze the life out of any lesser man. Luckily these two differently proportioned pugilists are professionals, and the action is so hot, tense, and tremendously entertaining, right down to that final and desperate tap out that leaves one wrestler repeatedly moaning "my back..."

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