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CAST: Philip Greco, Chris Gentry, Nikoli Bakov


RELEASE DATE: 2/13/2006

With one of the sexiest and most beautiful bodies on the Can-Am roster, Nikoli Bakov's popularity seems to be based on the endless punishment his buffed body can absorb as in "2 on 1 Tormented Trio", and "2 on 1 Grudge Match." For your body bashing pleasure, Nikoli Bakov loses beautifully in back to back squash jobs, one in the oil pit, and one in the pro ring. Oil match one pits Bakov (in very small lime bikinis) against Can-Am newcomer hotbody Chris Gentry (in equally small peach bikinis). Fall one's submission goes to Chris displaying Nikoli's muscularity in a spreadeagle full nelson. In a brief comeback, Nikoli takes the second fall from Chris with a double hammerlock choke hold. Pissed and relentless, Chris sadistically punishes Nikoli's body beautiful finally taking the fall and match with a payback choke hold. Pro ring match two pits Bakov against another newcomer Philip Greco. Bakov wrestles again in the smallest of lime bikinis while Greco starts the match wearing a black and white striped singlet over an undersized pink bikini. As in every match, Bakov's impressive muscularity and aggressive offense soon evolves into getting worked over thoroughly and squashed. Pro ring fall one goes to Greco with Bakov submitting to a painful arm breaker. In fall two, Bakov manages to peel Greco's singlet off revealing his undersized pink bikini, then takes the fall forcing Greco to submit to a punishing neck and back breaker. In fall three it's Greco bashing Bakov all the way in every way till Bakov blacks out from Greco's full frontal throttle choke hold. Bakov loses again.... but few Can-Am body beautifuls look hotter or suffer better than Nikoli Bakov.... built to lose!

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