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CAST: Aryx Quinn, Christopher Bruce, Justin Lebeau, Kev Lar


RELEASE DATE: 10/4/2011

ARYX QUINN TRIPLE PLAY is Boss Sexton's triple scoop treat for Aryx Quinn fans. Aryx mixes it up with Kev Lar, Justin LeBeau, and Christopher Bruce.... one at a time. Starting out with considerably taller ethnic body beautiful Kev Lar, and taking exception to being called "Shorty" by Kev, Aryx takes immediate control of the match. Kev knows he' in a world of hurt and isn't ashamed to suffer loudly and beg for mercy. Mercy? From Aryx Quinn? Not the Aryx Quinn we all love to hate. Aryx soon smothers out taller bigger Kev Lar. Up next against Mr Quinn is bulkier pro actioner Justin LeBeau wrestling in pink trunks. LeBeau puts up a much more aggressive fight than Kev Lar did, and Aryx fights it out in give and take action that doesn't look too good for him. Aryx suffers. You'll love watching him getting worked over long and hard by the guy in pink trunks. Aryx finally loses his trunks, the match, and his bragging rights. In match three, bodybuilder Christopher Bruce shows up to take his shot at the still dangerous Aryx Quinn. Both musclemen smack talk each other thru a pose down finally locking up for action. You'll love the mutual gut punching contest between Aryx and Christopher. Aryx suffers a long brutal beating that makes you think he just might loose this match too. But he finally locks big Chris in a standing frontal smother/choke hold... and just hangs on until the bodybuilder runs out of air and collapses unconscious on the mat. Arxy quickly regains his swagger. Picks the big man up, tosses him over his shoulder, and carries him off the mat. ARYX QUINN TRIPLE PLAY is three hard fought, smack mouthed Aryx Quinn beat downs all Arxy Quinn fans will want for their collections.

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