Can-Am / Zeus Co-Production

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CAST: Andrew Lennox, Dean Spencer, J.T. Sloan, Will Clark, Robert Black, Alex Stone

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 5/31/2007

With FETISH SEX FIGHTS ONE & TWO winning "Best Specialty Video" GAYVN awards, FETISH SEX FIGHTS THREE was an instant best seller introducing the 1999 ZeusBoy of the Year Robert Black getting beat up, tied up, and fucked by muscle-man Alex Stone in sex fight one "Levis Rodeo Fight." Sex fight two: massively hung Andrew Lennox ties up, beats up, and fucks London's hottest bondage boy Dean Spencer in "London vs Sydner/Rubber Rumble." Sex Fight Three: Popular porno muscle-boys Will Clark and J.T. Sloan dirty fight it out with J.T. beating up, tying-up, head shaving, and victory fucking Will Clark. Multiple gear, Levis, rubber, bondage, six very hot muscle studs, three individual sex fights, three victory fucks, and multiple cum shots. Lots of very sexy muscle hunk action.

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