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CAST: Adam Boxter, Brett Cannon, bryce pierce, Cullen Cable, daddy zeus, derek dasilva, Ernest Johnson, Scott Briggs, Tober Brandt

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 7/2/2008

"Military Inquisition" begins where "Brute Force III "Soldiers of Misfortune" left off, at the military's most embarrassing criminal justice facility, POW correctional Camp Breakpoint. Captain Max Payne (Tony Buff) has been transferred. Captain Chuck Klaw (Bryce Pierce) has been recently assigned as Camp Breakpoint's temporary Officer in Charge. Muscle grunt POW Buster Tuff (Derek Da Silva), and all-American boy POW Brady Justice (Cullen Cable) are joined in captivity by newby POW Chester Armstrong (Tober Brandt). POW Tuff wastes no time putting the moves on bodybuilder Armstrong in a hot, outdoor exploratary sweat-sex suck and jack-off scene.

Soon trouble buddies Tuff and Armstrong rebel against the favoritism Capt. Klaw lavishes on their fellow POW, muscleboy Justice. With disgust and hatred from their secreted vantage point, they watch Capt. Klaw formally collar pretty boy private Brady Justice. When Klaw leaves his boy alone to admire his new collar, Brady is jumped by Tuff and Armstrong. Get a grip on your dicks because Tuff and Armstrong beat up, punish, humiliate, camo rip strip, and duo fuck young muscleboy Justice in the hottest hardcore BDSM wrestling sex scene you've ever witnessed. This is hard hitting Rambo style sweat sex. No holds barred. No punches pulled. And no hole not force penetrated in POW animal sex hot enough to be nominated for AVN's Best Three-Way Scene of 2008.

Unexpectedly Klaw discovers his boy being brutally raped and goes ballistic. Captured and strung up for the most sadistic of punishments, Tuff and Armstrong are wrist suspended naked over ground mounted impalement poles. They have only their strength and anger and determination to keep from weakening, slowly lowering, and ultimately fucking themselves on giant dildoes. Additionally, while being impaled, Capt. Klaw increases their agony in a rage of body punching, nipple torturing, ball crushing, back-chest-ass-and-cock & balls flogging.... all charged with filthy verbal humiliation that will have your dick barking and drooling. Not satisfied Armstrong has suffered enough, Klaw singles the you'll-never-break-me Armstrong out for severe additional punishment. Forcing POW Tuff to assist him, Capt. Klaw takes Armstrong off his impalement pole and rebinds him for a never-seen-before chest and nipple needle piercing scene that will blow you away.

In this scene, world class BDSM player Tober Brandt (Armstrong) demonstrates just how fucking heavy duty tough he is in his solo chest pierced and nipple chain weighted self punishment jaw-dropper. Holy shit! Tober Brandt is musclebound pain play animal. Further punished together, Tuff and Armstrong are strung up in white sack prisoner hoods and jock straps in front of an AK-47 welding four-man paint ball firing squad.... and blasted with rolling vollies of excruciating paint ball hits. A sensational scene.

For thier final "Military Inqusition" humiliation, Tuff and Armstrong are cut down, gagged and retied back-to-back in sitting positions, then jacked off onto by Capt. Klaw, his boy Brady Justice, and the firing squad foursome. This video is non-stop, no bullshit, world class, BDSM muscle commando action at its unrivaled best from an older, meaner Daddy Zeus. Remember, if you get off on the hardest and most contoversial muscle BDSM action in the gay video industry, "Brute Force" (1), "Brute Force II - Expect No Mercy", "Brute Force III - Soldiers of Misfortune", and "Brute Force IV - Military Inquisition" are all available.

FYI: "Brute Force V - Honorable Endurance" starring Tober Brandt has been shot and scheduled for release later in 2008.

You want more? Check out the "Military Inquisition" bonus segments:

(1) Tober Brandt, Derek Da Silva. Bryce Pierce, Cullen Cable, and Daddy Zeus were taped at a private BDSM demo scene at Gear Leather Store in Palm Springs delivering much more hard core BDSM action.

(2) Amazing edited-out footage of the Tober piercing "torture" the how-it-was-done piercing edit #2 to include hygenic precautions and proceedures, plus between-takes banter between Brandt, Da Silva, Pierce, and director Daddy Zeus. Most educational.

(3) Tober Brandt's poolside at Helios interview.

(4) Derek Da Silva's poolside at Helios interview.

(5) Three-way interview of the Helios owners who also comprised the paintball firing squad.

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