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CAST: john panther, peter case, scott answer

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 3/12/2008

Peter "Headlights" Case and John "Hardbody" Panther take turns working each other over outdoors at a Ft Lauderdale construction site. Earlier in bed together, Peter and John drift in and out of their most personal outdoor B&D fantasies, each playing each other's Top, and each other's bottom. Naturally Peter's cult status nipples suffer endlessly. At one point bricks hang from them as John head fucks him. Peter gets his revenge on John spreadeagling him for hours in the merciless South Florida sun....before both boys get each other off. In a separate feature, Peter Case's world class pec knobs under-go prisoner of war themed nipple torture that will boggle the minds of all chest freaks. Corporal Case's walnut sized nipples are the focal points for his interrogators including dumbell weights and vacuum suction tubes. Both features on the same video.

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