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CAST: Dennis Riker, Spencer Robb, Corby Banning, Johnny Olson, Johnny Durango, Jonathan Bennett, The California Kid, Vinney Rey


RELEASE DATE: 8/15/2008

Dennis Riker: 6'1", 195#, Brown hair, Green eyes, 23yo
Spencer Robb: 5'11", 170#, Brown hair, Brown eyes, 28yo

Robb wears dark blue trunks and red boots. Riker wears light blue trunks and black boots. For the height and weight difference, Spencer Robb puts up a surprisingly aggressive start, but Dennis is just too big and tough for the rookie wrestler to overcome. And when Dennis lays one of his kicks into Spencer’s chest as he's coming off the ropes, and then puts him in to a spinning full nelson, it's all over for Robb in his BG wrestling debut. But with that very defined muscular body, Spencer Robb sure looks good losing. As both wrestlers come to ring center to start the 2nd fall, Spencer Robb starts to annoy and confound Riker with a series of cartwheels around the ring – making Dennis dizzy. Dennis finally backs himself into his own corner and asks Spencer if he's going to wrestle. Then Spencer tries really hard to extract some payback vengeance on Riker, but it's tepid at best. When Riker turns the bout in his own favor he shows Robb what being a ring veteran is all about. But don't count Robb out. He's nothing if not tenacious. The scrappy wrestler does his best, and it's good enough to get Riker to submit to a Boston crab. When Robb comes out of his corner all full of beans and anticipating an upset victory and does some fancy footwork to again confound Riker, this time Riker simply raises his big boot and shoots a heavy foot right into Robb's chest. No fuckin' around this time. Riker slaps on a bear hug, but he's forced to let go when he suffers an eye rake, then a punch and knee to his stomach. Robb simply will not go away. He attempts a surfboard and for a fleeting second BG thinks there might be an upset, but it is indeed fleeting. A big Riker head-butt turns things around yet again. A clothesline and a over the shoulder backbreaker with a squirming Spencer Robb trying to bounce off has the feisty young rookie finally submitting. Robb put up a hell of a battle and deserves some compliments for the big initial try.

Corby Banning: 6', 195#, Black hair, Green eyes, 22yo
Johnny Olson: 5'8", 160#, Brown hair, Brown eyes, 22yo

Corby banning appears in yellow trunks and white boots, Johnny Olson in blue trunks and white boots. A test of strength between these two handsome hunks starts off the first fall. Johnny loses badly to a much heavier Corby Banning. Except for one brief, but very determined and semi-successful Olson comeback in the first fall, it's pretty much all Corby Banning as he goes on to win with a Boston crab. Up to this match Johnny Olson has been pretty much a "doormat" when it comes to a more experienced and heavier wrestlers wiping their feet, so to speak, on this young Musclestud. But check out the second fall. From down deep within, Olson manages to overcome his height and weight disadvantage with some real aggressive down 'n dirty grappling. And before he knows it a shocked Corby Banning who has submitted to a very painful surfboard. Corby Banning went into this match and came out of the first fall expecting a nice, easy squash. Johnny has made sure that he was rudely surprised. Corby is determined not to make that mistake in the third fall. He offers up his hand in another "test of strength" challenge. Johnny is not falling for that again, as Corby is much more muscular. Instead the newly energized Olson, starting to become a more experienced grappler, lays a punch right in to Banning's stomach. A beautiful, hard-slappin' sucker punch. A side headlock and a length of rope eye rake have Corby writhing on the mat big time. A clothesline in which both wrestlers hit each other has both of them down. Johnny is first up and after Corby. But Corby, getting up, starts in with a whole bunch of gut punches. Corby throws Johnny into the ropes and lays a flying dropkick on him as he comes off. Johnny lies on the mat groaning. A body-slam and a backbreaker bring a crushing conclusion to Johnny's initial hopes of victory.

Johnny Durango: 5'11", 180#, Brown hair, Brown eyes, 25yo
Jonathan Bennett: 6', 195#, Blond hair, Hazel eyes, 23yo

Johnny wears rainbow colored trunks and red boots. The incredibly muscular and very handsome hunk Jonathan Bennett, wears orange trunks and white boots. Durango wastes no time in establishing who is villain in this piece. He shoves Bennett into a corner and pounds the living crap out of him. He's thrown out of the corner on to his back. Durango secures a double arm stretch. In a nice counter, Bennett comes up with a cross headlock and arm bar. Durango gets out of the hold, shoves Bennett into the corner once again, lays into him, gets him in a fireman's carry, brings him to ring center, and falls backward. Two big body slams, a flying dropkick, more corner work over, and a sitting surfboard soon have this rookie musclestud submitting.This hot hunk sure does look good losing. His muscle definition and symmetry are just incredible. At the top of the second fall Johnny gets a little too fancy trying for a martial arts kick. Not good enough. Bennett blocks it and brings Durango to the mat in a leg lock. When he pulls on the leg and flexes all his chest, arm and shoulder muscles at once – Whew! What an incredibly delicious sight. Durango attacks him with full force in the second fall. For a brief moment midway in the second fall BG thinks that Bennett might be putting something together for a 2nd fall victory when he body slams Durango twice and then puts him in a bear hug. But Durango gets out of it and in a very exciting conclusion to this match he once again literally pounds the hapless Bennett into submission, and then for good measure puts him to sleep. What a way for this Musclehunk to go down. If you love seeing ultra-handsome rookie Musclehunks totally destroyed, you'll certainly treasure this bout.

California Kid: 5'11", 180#, Blond hair, Blue eyes, 33yo
Vinnie Rey: 5'9", 190#, Brown hair, Hazel eyes, 22yo

Vinnie wears blue trunks and blue boots. California Kid wears dark blue trunks and black boots. As the two meet in ring center at the beginning of the bout Vinnie Rey's personality is all pumped up for this match. He flashes a double biceps pose at the California Kid, backs him into a corner, and starts trashing him. He flings him to the mat and starts pounding and punching. He picks him up and puts him into the ropes – and keeps on punching. The Kid is not off to a good start. But just as BG starts to despair that the Kid is totally outclassed, a punch to Rey's stomach quickly evens things up. And Vinnie Rey gets some big payback. But Vinnie comes back with a big body slam, a head scissors and some big knee-lifts. The two go back and forth, back and forth, until Vinnie takes the Kid's head and traps it between the top and second rope. He grabs the Kid's legs and pulls back until his body is parallel to the mat. To save from strangling the Kid gives up. The California Kid is naturally very ticked off when the second fall starts, and dishes quite a of payback to Vinnie Rey. But the two are very evenly matched and the extraordinary give and take, which characterizes this match, continues at a frenetic pace. The Kid executes, slowly and accurately, two beautifully done backbreakers, then places Vinnie in an ab stretch, getting a submission to take the 2nd fall. Seconds into the third fall California Kid has Vinnie Rey flying over the top rope to the floor outside the ring. When back inside the ring the Kid crushes his boot into Vinnie's balls. Vinnie sucker punches him and returns his boot into the Kid's balls. A Pier 6 Brawl. That's what this third fall is all about. This is about as exciting as wrestling gets when you have two very competent and talented wrestlers out to win over the other at any cost.

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