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CAST: Corby Banning, Maverick, Trey, Marky Parker, Chris Duran, Junglestud, Jimmy Branson, Johnny Olson,


RELEASE DATE: 4/9/2009

BOUT #1: CORBY BANNING VS. MARKY PARKER Corby: 6`, 195#, Green Eyes, Black hair, 22 Marky: 5`5", 170#, Blue Eyes, Blond hair, 22 Corby is quite overwhelmed by a very and continuously aggressive Marky who comes out to get him with all guns blazing. Marky, at 5`5", may be short on stature, but he`s heavy on muscle. Gut punches, a corner workover, a head beal into ring center, and a single-arm hammer have Corby Banning wondering exactly what hit him.
BOUT #2: JUNGLE STUD VS. JOHNNY OLSON (Total Squash) Jungle Stud: 5`9", 180#, Brown Eyes, Brown hair, 27 Johnny: 5`8", 160#, Brown Eyes, Brown hair, 22 Talk about your hot little Musclestud Hunk! Whew! Watch Johnny Olson perform at your own risk. He`s incredibly viewable and can be very addicting. A bodybuilder, Johnny Olson has competed in teen contests and in this wrestling match against the Jungle Stud he still is in contest shape. Dangling Johnny Olson before the Jungle Stud is like dangling bait in front of a shark.
BOUT #3: MAVERICK VS. TREY Maverick: 5`11", 180#, Green eyes, Brown hair, 24 Trey: 6`1", 190#, Blue eyes, Blond hair, 31 This may well go down in Can-Am video history as one of the most exciting matches ever - a match that you literally do not know who is going to win until the final seconds. It is that close. The wrestling hold reversals are exciting and in some cases unique. Check out one reversal from a side headlock. Nice!
BOUT #4: TAG TEAM ACTION: ROOKIE SQUASH TIME! Jungle Stud and Chris Duran VS. Johnny Olson and Jimmy Branson with Steve Sterling as the Ref The Tag Team Terrorists are on the loose: Jungle Stud and Chris Duran! Beware all rookies! Especially beware of villain`s masquerading as official referees. If ever two young, wet behind the ears, vulnerable & adorable looking rasslin` rookies were at risk - it is Johnny and Jimmy!

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