You Cum - You Lose!

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Aryx Quinn, Topher DiMaggio

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 3/6/2017

“This can be a no-holds barred match. Anything goes. Any hole. Anywhere on the body. Anything. Whoever cums first, loses.”

“I’ll take that challenge. It’s not gonna be me, though. You’re not gonna get me to bust a nut first.”

“You’re already precumming just looking at me.”

“Fuck you!”

So begins the pre-fight exchange on this, our most hotly anticipated title to date! The concept and cast alone are enough to inspire several hundred clicks. Check it out!

Aryx Quinn (aka Tristan Baldwin) is a hard nut to crack. This guy is a classic, old-school erotic wrestler. His erotic banter and dialogue feel like something straight out of the early 1990’s. Interestingly enough, Topher DiMaggio is able to match those antiquated remarks word-for-word with his youthful, puppy-like attitude.

No cheap moves here. These guys go at it like fighters out to do damage. It’s a rolling, kicking, straddling, humping floor fight, complete with full on erotic moves that result in brutal leg locks and powerful ass flossing. Dicks immediately inflate beneath spandex prisons, despite each fighter’s best efforts to keep control of his manhood.

At every possible chance, these fighters resort to cock stroking, face caressing, ass massaging, and trash talking, giving viewers that classic Can-Am combination of love-making and fighting that put us on the map.

Topher rubs that pretty face across Quinn’s trapped body, toying with him my gently brushing his lips with his own, which makes Quinn shudder with sexual delight, and rage with combative anger.

This is where it’s at. This is the series you’ve been waiting for! How ready are you for more “You Cum - You Lose!” matches? Who do you want to see take on Topher DiMaggio next? Let us know in the comments section!

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