World of Men: Sao Paulo

World Of Men

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CAST: Daniel Marvin, Alexandre Senna, Andre Santos, Collin O'Neal, David, Junior Pavanelo, Pedro Andreas, Renzo DiCaprio, Tiago, Tito

DIRECTOR: Collin O'Neal

RELEASE DATE: 12/27/2007

Anyone who knows about hot men knows about Brazil and Collin O’Neal is no fool. In this installment of men from around the world, Collin travels to the heart of the sexual world and brings back action that dreams are made of. Starting in metropolitan Sao Paulo with a stop over in Rio and onto the incredible falls of Iguaçu, this movie shows with precision the beauty and sexuality of Brazilian men. In his groundbreaking style, Collin brings male sexuality to its peak with an in-depth view into the world of Brazilian man-on-man sex.

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