World of Men: Edinburgh

World Of Men

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CAST: Fernando Leone, Forneus, Collin O'Neal, Fred Colcci, Jasper Emerald, Josue, Marco, Ryan Garcia

DIRECTOR: Collin O'Neal

RELEASE DATE: 9/3/2007

Collin's ferreted out some beautifully bountiful Scotsmen found on the streets and in the bars of Scotland's financial capital - Edinburgh. It's cold up in the northern U.K. and the Scots have a reputation to uphold. Certainly these manly hunks do just that. It's packed full of hot men, big dicks, and no-nonsense deep ass sucking and fucking! Real men wear kilts (only on special occasions) otherwise they're packin' big trouble in those blue jeans! Cum join in The Highland Games - and play with some wooden poles! Winner 2008 GAYVN Award for Best Pro-Am Release!

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