White Rope

Muscle Bound

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CAST: Sam Dixon , Chris Sullivan , Alpha Slave Rex , Alpha Slave Titus , Alpha Slave Ranson , Cosmo Stark , Max English , Raven Darkholme

DIRECTOR: Van Darkholme

RELEASE DATE: 10/30/2001

In the year 2060, a man named Ted visited an abandoned homepage in cyberspace. By accident he discovered the "House of Detention", a labyrinth full of desire and complex bondage fantasies.

The site belonged to Van Darkholme, a bondage master and many other things from a bygone era. Ted was fascinated by this man who had lived long ago. He was drawn to Master Van's persona on the web but their only barriers were the cold flat screen and time.

Night after night, Ted would visit this bondage domain. Intensely staring at all of Master Van's bondage slaves, Ted would fantasize about being in the House of Detention. After a year or so, Ted's reality and fantasy became one.

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