Close-Up Men

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CAST: bryan kidd, chaz carlton, eduardo, michael vista, paul carrigan, sam carson

DIRECTOR: Steve Johnson

RELEASE DATE: 3/22/1993

Sex in the great outdoors, with some spectacular scenery even besides the six built-to-last stars. Sex trainers Paul Carrigan and Sam Carson bring sex trainees Bryan Kidd, Chaz Carlton, and Michael Vista to camp, and everyone is sucking cock like crazy when head honcho Eduardo appears and demands to know why the trainees haven't been washed yet. This leads to a six-way outdoor hosedown and soap-up and lots more sex. Next, the guys pair off, with Paul fucking Michael by the pool, Sam screwing Chaz among the boulders, and Eduardo plugging Bryan on an antique wagon. You can almost hear the call of the wild, and it's saying "More, more!"

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