Webwonder Vs. Black Mamba 2


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CAST: Landon Mycles, Michael Vineland

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 6/15/2015

Landon Mycles slips into Webwonder's familiar costume, only to be stalked and eventually overtaken by Black Mamba (Michael Vineland), who slinks out of the darkness to sexually dominate the web-slinging hero by way of a chemical weakening serum.

"Welcome to MY web!" laughs the menacing beast. "I have plans for you. Mine...mine..."

Black Mamba is a force to be reckoned with, all grunting voice and glossy musculature, fully exposed in his S & M inspired costume consisting of a black leather harness and silver trunks.

Webwonder is made the victim of a lengthy torture, by way of the frothy, weakening serum, until he is too weak to resist Black Mamba's unmaking, which reveals only the face of a callow young lad with full, flawless lips, and perhaps the most beautiful eyes in the industry to date. He is too frail even to fight back, and suffers beautifully.

Soon the iconic Webwonder costume is stripped from the hero's body, revealing a hot, natural musculature and lightly hairy chest and abdominal area.

"You are under my control..." Black Mamba hisses, before locking lips with the irresistible hero.

At last Webwonder's cock is revealed, standing at attention like a soldier ready for battle. Black Mamba falls upon it hungrily, gulping, slurping, sucking and servicing. For a moment one begins to wonder which of these men is the victim.

"A perfect prize..." Mamba muses. "After being foiled so many times."

At last the tables are turned, and Black Mamba's sizable manhood becomes the mouth-toy of Webwonder, who services the villain on his knees just like a good little bitch.

Out of nowhere the villain slaps a cruel sleeper on the hero, gently telling him to go to sleep, and sealing his fate with a single kiss.

"My toy..."

But this is only the beginning. Prepare yourself for another good dicking, as Black Mamba takes Webwonder to the next level by pounding his hairy asshole with all the power he possesses, all while keeping the hero's own manhood painfully bound.

"IT is mine..." the monster repeats and repeats, ever more possessing Webwonder's cock...and more, until the final cum splattering finale.

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