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CAST: Beau Bradley, Marco D'Salvo,


RELEASE DATE: 12/10/2007

Boss Sexton knows how much you like Beau Bradley, so he ordered up a couple of matches from the Vancouver Studio just for you! First Beau and fellow wrestling veteran Marco D`Salvo are moving furniture when they find a Can-Am catalog under a chair. Surprised to see each other among the pages, they get into a little macho give and take about who`s the better wrestler, and soon they`re rolling all over the place. It`s a true stud fight as they both lose their shirts and get into some serious strength testing. But finally Marco ends up down for the count as Beau whips it out to show him who`s boss. But clearly Marco wants a re-match and round two finds them in the backyard for some oil action. Marco wants his revenge and soon their suits are ripped off and the ball and nipple grabbing begins. No one would call these guys pussies as they truly struggle for victory. Gentlemen, here are two fine rippling stud hunks ordered up just for you. Plus, you get the bonus vignette, "Butt Story" - a creative tribute to some of the most beautiful butts in the world.

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