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CAST: Ron Masters, Chuck Morris, Beau Bradley, Danny Long, Marco D'Salvo, Max Chase, Rick Martin, Rocky James,


RELEASE DATE: 2/13/2006

After the success of the wet and wild Vancouver Beach Wrestling, we told studio manager Beau Bradley you wanted more! So off he went in search of some new wrestling studs to mix it up with our Vancouver favorites in five hot, wet and muddy takedowns. In match one, Can-Am vet Rocky James (pink speedos) and newcomer Rick Martin (orange speedos) turn a casual beach jog into a super sensual mud romp. The action is incredible and the setting makes it a mind-blower. In match two veteran favorite Marco D'Salvo takes on Chuck Morris at the docks. Thrown into the water, Morris wants revenge, and Marco's skimpy suit can't keep his dick in as they battle it out! In match three, Ron Masters and Danny Long play a game of touch football that sparks a body throwing, head dunking fight for masculine dominance. In match four, Beau Bradley and newcomer Max Chase are out for an afternoon speedboat cruise. But Max has something else in mind after they dock. Chase's incredible muscles get totally distressed! Match five brings back Ron Masters and Chuck Morris. Starting out in jeans and t-shirts, they are soon just two muddy messes. Afterwards, they each have a satisfying shower j/o to finish the fun. If you like your studs wet, muddy and dunked - this is the one for you! 1 hr 45 min.

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