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CAST: Beau Bradley, Chad Michaels, Marco D'Salvo,


RELEASE DATE: 2/13/2006

With deserved high sales for its originality, hot bodies, and hard in-public wrestling action, Boss Sexton's BODYSTROKES VANCOUVER added another fantasy to the Can-Am collection. BV's popular hardbodies Beau Bradley and Marco D'Salvo are back for VANCOUVER BEACH WRESTLING and joined by new musclehunk Chad Michaels. Shot completely outdoors on the beach in Vancouver, this testosterone actioner begins with wet suited surfer Beau Bradley carrying his board out of the water, and carelessly stepping on muscular sun bather Chad Michaels. Machismo flairs, insults fly, muscles collide. Chad peels down to a very small red thong, and the two hotbodies fight it out in low tide mud. Chad wears Beau down, peels him out of his wet suit, and ties the dazed surfer to his own board, pushes him out into the water, and goes his way. Later revived, a bare assed Beau paddles back to shore, and manages to bump into bodybuilder jogger Marco D'Salvo... who decides to give bad boy Beau another painful attitude adjustment. Wrestling naked, the two musclemen fight wildly up and down the beach, in and out of the water, running, tackling, grappling, physically exhausting each other. Finally Marco's size and muscularity wins out over Beau's bad boy attitude leaving him choked out cold in the shallows. VANCOUVER BEACH WRESTLING is great fun, non-stop action, totally original, and a beach body-watcher's nude fantasy come true.

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