BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 11/16/2010

When Mike Roberts burst upon the scene, with his All-American look and stunning body, especially those mouth-watering pecs - everyone had to have a piece of him via video. It took awhile for Mike to become totally comfortable in front of the camera, because we are dealing with a straight guy here. But through a combination of needing the dollars and loving the adulation, Mike was able to not only become comfortable in front of the camera, but was able to become a first class performer as well. Realizing that the pay for gay videos is so much better than being in straight productions, many straight guys are able to seduce themselves into handling it. Dollars can give guys hard-on's you know! This total top handled Jeremy Jordan nicely in Body Worship 44 and Rocky in Body Worship 45, and now Mike graduates to BG's premiere Body Worship video line in Ultimate Body Worship 6. Lucky blond Brett Matthews! Not only does he get to worship Mike from head to toe, but he also is worshipped by Mike and fucked! BG is proud to advise that Mike's dick became rock hard and stayed that way while he totally fucked Brett Matthews through 3 different positions. Blond Brett has a very sexy body as well from his oh, so fuckable butt, to his razor definition and cock that stayed hard throughout. What lives on in BG's memory is how his rock-hard defined abs looked as he bounced up on down on Mike's cock. And, like all worshipers, Brett is delighted to chow down on Mike's edible pecs/tits. And we are very glad he did.

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