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CAST: Aryx Quinn, Max Munoz,


RELEASE DATE: 2/17/2012

First in the ring wearing a tight white stretch top and too-tight silver trunks, muscle boy Max Munoz is looking pumped. We hear Aryx Quinn's mouth before we actually see his rock hard Highness carrying an ominous black duffel bag step into the lights. Aryx takes full control almost immediately...soon opening his mystery bag to reveal dozens of "toys" to torture Max with. Headphones so Max won't hear/obey instructions, then punished. Ripped off duct tape to remove "unwanted hair". A clear plastic cylinder for cock and balls suction extension. A thick heavy training gag. Thick leather ankle restraints. Wait! What's this? Max lucky punches Aryx's packed pouch and regains the advantage. Max subdues Aryx's wrists and ankles with black industrial tape and goes to work on Quinn's helpless muscles. His nipples and ball sack are clothes pinned. Then he's ball gagged. And butt, balls, and soles shocked. Aryx struggles free and attacks Max with a vengeance. Max is spreadeagled from above in a standing position for nipple clamping and hit-stick tortured while blind folded and head wrapped. Rope bondage cock and ball stretching. Followed by a hard butt fucking...again by Aryx Quinn. It goes on. Switch hit butt fucking. Back and forth. You won't know when to let your own cock explode. You'll love Aryx Quinn's angry humiliated contorted face as he takes a heavy plowing from Max Munoz. His Highness doesn't like getting his butt fucked. Or does he? He moans more than he groans. Gotta tell ya gents, TOY FIGHTS 2 delivers 2 muscle boys and a big bag full of torture toys for your guaranteed pleasure. Boss Sexton satisfies again delivering you dueling cum shots.

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