Torqued Again


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CAST: Andrew Fitch, John Magnum, Johnny Torque

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 2/16/2014

Out of mist a familiar foe rises, black cloaked and up to no good. Introductions are unnecessary. He is the Torqued...the ultimate super villain...a combination of strength, sex, and star-strewn insidiousness.

When heart-stoppingly stunning Captain USA bounds onto the scene, nothing in this world can prepare him for the tortures and torments the Torquer has in store for him. By way of "blue juice", a special concoction, the Torquer manages to weaken the once powerful protagonist, using the hero`s vulnerability to his sexual advantage. At last he can have his way with the red, white, and blue man-of-courage, fondling his prominent pecks and humping the hell out of his well-displayed ass and face. At times the bound hero finds bursts of strength within himself, but with another gurgling dose of blue juice, he is rendered useless, until big T exacts the ultimate hero`s humiliation on the big man...stripping him of his raiments to reveal a surprisingly hairy chest and trunk. Body worship is next on the punisher`s list of twisted pleasures, and Cap is helpless to resist, tonguing and slurping the villain`s sword, while he thrusts his admittedly flawless pelvis with uncontrolled eroticism...and, believe it or not, the favor is returned.

Enter the Swimmer, a stunningly beautiful, blue attired boy wonder, ready and willing to help Captain USA. But when the Torqued applies a fistful of blue gel to the unsuspecting lads gimmer stick, he too is rendered as helpless as a baby lamb, ready for the slaughter. As is often the case in twisting tales such as these, a little torment is never enough, and Swimmer is soon covered from stem to stern in the debilitating substance...a bodily invasion that makes his every muscle stand out so beautifully you`ll find yourself suddenly siding with Torqued.

"Stand up," the villain orders of the nearly nude Captain USA. "Fuck his ass."

Cap rises to the challenge. Torqued joins in. Swimmer is helpless to resist, but helpless isn`t the Torquer`s style.

"Struggle," he commands of Swimmer. Needless to say, he struggles beautifully...tree-trunk cocks slapped across his face...a splatter of foam with every spank and thrust...a harrowing, nude head-scissor that has the Swimmer`s boyish face buried deep in Captain`s hairy nether region. With balls in his face and a that fat, throbbing cock shoved down his throat, Torqued leans back to enjoy the muffled moans of the wriggling wonder boy.

Body worship...cock sharing...spitting in asses...and a generous number of glorious close-up shots of veiny rods pounding perfect assholes. It`s the power of three in Torqued Again.

Two heroes enter the darkened lair. Will they ever emerge? Do we even want them to?

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