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CAST: John Thor, Tom Flex, Tony Valor,


RELEASE DATE: 9/22/2011

For the legions of you who bought "MARK WOLF - Beaten Battered & Bashed," it`s interesting to remember that the concept for BB&B came from a customer request (Thank you, K.M. of Los Angeles). The rest is mega sales history. Now that the BB&B concept is firmly established, it`s been interesting to read and hear your ideas for a BB&B sequel. Tony Valor (one of the original BB&B bodybeautifuls) lead the suggestion pack to be the hardbody on the receiving end of the sequel... with a lot of you wanting to see Tony in bondage. You ask... you get. So buckle up for "TONY VALOR - Beaten Battered and Bound." Cocky, conceited 21 year old muscleboy Tony brags to CAN-AM musclemen Tom Flex and John Thor that he can beat anybody arm wrestling. Flex and Thor jump at the challenge to teach Tony a painful and humiliating lesson. Fists clinch. Biceps bulge. Tony cheats. Tempers flair. Arm wrestling escalates to payback wrestling. And Tony Valor takes the beating of his life from Tom Flex and John Thor... one on one, two on one, double teaming, double beating, and endless agony for the muscular arm wrestling "champ." Valor screams in pain as he suffers submission after submission. And three times, just to add to his humiliation, muscleboy Tony is tied up and double beaten some more. 1st bondage position: spreadeagled on his back in the center of the pro ring. 2nd bondage position: splitspread and tied up in a pro ring corner. 3rd bondage position: stripped naked with his wrists tied behind him and ankles bound together with the trunks worn by Flex and Thor in the oil pit. The action doesn`t stop. Tony Valor`s agony is endless. Three in-your-dreams bodies. Three in your faces cum shots. Arm wrestling. Pro wrestling. Oil wrestling. Bondage wrestling. Nude wrestling. Hard-on wrestling. And cum shot wrestling... all on one dynamite tape from CAN-AM.

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