The Verdict


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CAST: Alen Kennedy ,Drake Davenport ,Jobe Zander (Brad Boyer) ,John Cummings ,Michael Vineland ,Patrick Femel ,River James

DIRECTOR: Beau Bradley

RELEASE DATE: 10/16/2009

Written and directed by Beau Bradley, The Verdict stars Can-Am exclusives Michael Vineland and Drake Davenport, plus Alen Kennedy, Patrick Femel, River James, John Cummings, and Brad Boyer in a highly stylized, slasher color saturated, horror movie inspired video. The Verdict definitely reflects director Bradley`s dark side.

An over-the-top Judge Dredd type Villain Lord is bent on wiping out all super heroes... for good. Our heroes find themselves caged and restrained in the villain`s subterranean dungeons with flashbacks of their every day life and loves. Back in the dungeon, arch "Dredd" has his hero captives brought up from the dungeons one by one to suffer their ultimate fates for the public amusement of the rabble crowd. Each hero`s spotlighted whipping or flogging punishment are powerful and visually dramatic. The elaborate and skillful bondage, the costumes and body make-up, and the over-all production is impressive. But be prepared, each hero suffers heroically enduring chest and/or back flogging, and then is dramatically "oozed" to death.

Boss Sexton spent some serious bucks on The Verdict, and gave director Beau Bradley carte blanche to shoot this video`s heavier than usual content. If you are a hard heroes fanatic, The Verdict is a must for your superhero collection.

This video was filmed in HD (High Definition) and is available on both regular DVD and Blu-ray BDR DVD.

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