The Trap


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DIRECTOR: Beau Bradley, Chris Steele

RELEASE DATE: 10/1/2014

A darkened room that looks to be the location of some quickly abandoned party is the setting for tonight`s adventure. A flashing light, a hypnotic voice, a trio of heroes at the mercy of a strange specter lurking in the shadows. The voice beckons them onward. The light flashes and blinks. Confetti and glitter fall in showers. Poisonous gasses filter in, rendering our heroes helpless. Enter the Minion (Puck)...

Minion is evil. Minion is twisted. Minion is devious, dark, and desperate. When first we meet this vile kidnapper, he is swathed from head to toe in black, a shining, faceless sensualist in a mask of leather straps, winking grommets, and silver buckles.

Only his strong, probing hands are visible, as he strokes the limp, muscular frames of the fallen heroes, and ties them up with unyielding rope.

Now the fun can begin, as the pulsating voice urges Minion to awaken just one of the fallen heroes.

Swimmer (Jason Goodman) is the first to be chosen. A vision in spanking tight white lycra that perfectly emphasizes his massive chest and arms. The dark haired hero is ordered to kiss his comrade Aqualad (Kris Jamson), who writhes against his ropes dressed in blue and silver lycra, biceps flexing helplessly, lips curled into a defiant snarl.

A kiss seems innocent enough, but the heroes are unwilling to let the hypnotic voice break their will. Soon the subservient Minion is fitting them with mind and muscle control collars, stripping them of all self-will. Against their will they are made to kiss, cock-suck, gut punch, and glorify in a confusion of fighting and fucking.

The next to be aroused is our third hero, Comet (Michael Vineland). The hero with the stunning chest and abs, the caramel colored skin, so beautifully exposed, is the perfect victim for poor Swimmer`s failed strength. Lips are locked forcefully, cocks are massaged tenderly, and all of it against everybody`s will, until the hypnotic voice grows bored.

Suddenly Aqualand is to molest Swimmer. Neither man is able to resist the other, no matter how the fight. That`s the key to this title, that`s the clincher. These gorgeous men are driven to rip, strip, kiss, cock-stroke, ass-bang, suck, and fuck...and they`re struggling to resist. Soon Swimmer is forced to his knees by his own lack of will, face buried in Aqualad`s ample crotch...his huge throbbing cock plunged deep down Swimmer`s throat. The moment Swimmer`s full lips wrap around Aqualad`s triton, the fight is over. These men give themselves over completely.

Comet breaks free, and in the full, revealing light, he drops to his knees as well, and aids Swimmer in servicing Aqualand`s powerful meat rod, as glitter sparkles in the hair of each eager lad.

Bondage, spanking, forced submissions, begging, pleading, and hot, hairy balls slapping against toned, tanned, alluring asses are only a few of the pleasure to be found herein. Wait until these golden boys are completely nude and pleasuring one another with no holds barred, eyes wide open, beautiful mouths agape, jaws tense, pecks and hands and abs and arms clenched hard in pelvic thrusting passion.

Minion is pleased. You will be too...

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